Dynamic visualisations

Start conversations, make your place great to work

Make behaviour, motivators and talents visible at team and organisational level. Generate, visualise and present amazing insights.

Good communication, better collaboration, organisation wide

Make different communication and behavioural styles visible and points for conversations. Visually appealing, non-judgemental, and always leading to extraordinary new insights.
tableau reports gedrag
tableau gedrag
tableau wheels behaviour

Personal motivators, shared values, vision, mission and goals

Connect people with one another and with the mission of the organisation. Find strength in diversity, agree on shared values, build a strong organisational culture.
tableau reports drijfveren
tableau drijfveren
tableau wheels motivators

Spot potential, develop talent, grow organisations

Recruit, develop and retain talent. Give talent the space and opportunities that it deserves. Visualise the potential of your organisation to achieve peak performance and growth.
tableau reports talenten
tableau talenten
tableau wheels talents
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Demo DISCOVER Tableau
Receive a free demo of DISCOVER Tableau