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DISCOVER Motivators assessment

With this assessment, your people gain powerful insights in their own personal drivers and motivation. Based on seven dimensions, people learn about what they are passionate about and what gives them job satisfaction.

DISCOVER motivators describe the drivers, motivators and passion of people based on seven dimensions. Using insights into their key motivators, people can match their job roles and responsibilities to their motivation.

This assessment consists of …

  • A summary of all scores 
  • An explanation of each score based on seven dimensions of motivation
  • Key strengths based on your motivation
  • Tips to keep you motivated
  • Tips for continous improvement

… and lots more.

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In teams

People can have many reasons for wanting to work in teams and contribute to a team’s performance. With DISCOVER Motivators, you are made aware of these underlying reasons before you start your team conversations.

In organisations

Strong organisations are driven by a strong organisational culture. By combining DISCOVER Motivators with DISCOVER Tableau, you gain insights into the rich diversity of values within your organisation.

Motivators assessment
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