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DISCOVER Combi (2-in-1) assessment

Combination of behaviour and motivators Improve collaboration, good underlying communication and connect based on shared values.

With the DISCOVER Combi (2-in-1) assessment, you get a unique insight into the natural behaviour and motivators of people. Connect people with teams, improve team collaboration.

This assessment consists of …

  • A complete DISCOVER Behaviour assessment
  • A complete DISCOVER Motivators assessment
Combine this assessment with …

  • The DISCOVER Behaviour archetypes
  • The DISCOVER Passion archetypes
  • Coaching sheets and team canvases

… and you build quickly a diverse team, with one shared mission.

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In teams

The DISCOVER Combi (2-in-1) assessment is an excellent tool that you can use in the development of teams. Improve the performance of existing teams or get started on the right foot with a new team.

In organisations

The DISCOVER Combi (2-in-1) assessment can also be an effective tool to build a strong organisational culture with shared values.

Combi (2-in-1) assessment
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