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DISCOVER Behaviour assessment

This assessment provides your people with a unique insight into their natural and adapted behavioural styles. Written objectively, in a neutral and non-judgemental manner.  Based on the world-renowned DISC model.

DISCOVER behaviour describes the natural and adapted behaviour of people based on four dimensions. Each dimension provides a unique aspect of human behaviour. By combining the scores on four dimensions, you build up a unique and personalised narrative of a person’s behaviour.

This assessment consists of …

  • A summary of the natural behavioural style
  • A summary of the adapted behavioural style
  • An explanation of each score based on four dimensions of behaviour
  • Personal strengths and pitfalls
  • Communication tips – do’s and don’ts

… and lots more.

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In teams

DISCOVER Behaviour is used if you wish to improve communication  within teams. DISCOVER Behaviour provides a deeper understanding and greater collaboration in the workplace. 

In organisations

Seeking collaboration not only within teams but also between teams? Then combine DISCOVER Behaviour with DISCOVER Tableau. Using dynamic visualisations, you can start conversations about the differences in the communication styles between teams.

Behaviour assessment
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