Learn the in and outs of DISCOVER Behaviour and motivators on Tuesday, 8th and Wednesday, 9th of October, 2024

Solutions for the growth of people, teams & organisations

Maximise the impact of L&D programmes. Create flexible development journeys and delightful learning experiences.

Online assessments, powerful insights

Motivate and mobilise people with powerful insights in their visible behaviour, personal motivators and natural talents. Personal insights that resonate and rich with information. Choose the assessment that you need for coaching or training.
combi 2 in 1 assessment
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DISCOVER Combi (2-in-1)

Combine behaviour and motivators to build diverse teams with shared vision, mission and goals.
potential 3 in 1 assessment
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DISCOVER Potential (3-in-1)

Develop team journeys for excellent team performance with a combination of behaviour, motivators and talents.
behaviour assessment
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DISCOVER Behaviour

Online assessment of the visible behaviour of people, from natural to adapted, based on the DISC model.
motivators assessment
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DISCOVER Motivators

Online assessment of the personal drivers and motivators of people, how they influence behaviour and relate to roles.
talents assessment
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Online assessment of the natural talents and non-talents of people, with tips and insights for reflection and personal growth.

View your team or organisation in a dynamic visualisation

Commit people to your organisational change. Make the snapshot of today visible and brainstorm your tomorrow. Use tableau to get the data visualisations you need to fit the context of a training, workshop or C-level discussion.
tableau data 1
tableau discover
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Extensive certification programme for practitioners

Learn quickly to work with the DISCOVER language and tools. Fun, interactive and informative. Choose the programme that fits your needs. Develop yourself step-by-step to an expert level.
certificatie training gedrag en drijfveren
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Behaviour and motivators

Certification training for DISCOVER Behaviour and motivators in relation to individual coaching and team training.
certificatie training talenten
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Certification training for DISCOVER Talents in relation to growing and developing people, teams and organisations.
certificatie training tableau en teams
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Tableau and teams

Certification training for using DISCOVER Tableau when growing and developing teams and organisations.

Participate in a fast-growing community

DISCOVER is used worldwide by organisations across different sectors. From SMEs, governmental institutions to large international organisations. Meet a diverse group of people. Inspirational, knowledgeable, and stimulating.






Certified professionals

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Demo DISCOVER's HR Platform
Receive a free demo of DISCOVER's HR Platform